• Light in Abundance

    Sliding panels in floor-to-ceiling glass glass
  • Floor Plan Concept

    2-bedroom floor plan
  • “With every plan, every room, we asked ‘is this functional, comfortable, unique, beautiful?’

    Which led to very thoughtful homes with a modern, minimal sensibility.”

    Riyad Ghannam, RG Architecture
  • Construction Process

    Concrete foundation work glass
  • Valencia & 23rd Location

    A vibrant new intersection glass
  • Modern for The Mission.

    Bespoke interiors, elevated finishes, light-filled living spaces and views from Twin Peaks to the downtown skyline. Just outside, an endless backyard full of experiences.

  • Twin Peaks

    Western views
  • Eclectic Beauty

    Architecture influenced by context


    A Modern Mixture

    This is a merger of culture and design that is its own beautiful alchemy. A rare location right on Valencia that opens up to the energy and life of The Mission, matched by a building that introduces modern aesthetics and contemporary residences.

  • Modern-Nature

    Board-formed concrete exterior
  • Integrated Office

    Thoughtful design with inventive spaces
New Condominiums in The Mission of San Francisco, CA
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